Zero dark thirty

Hate in my heart for Flickers, while I am usually an early riser really do hate being woke up just before daylight breaks with the dumb birds pounding on either my metal roof or the chimney. Searching for a mate is my guess and he that makes the most noise must be the winner. Then if they quit long enuff for me to fall back asleep something disturbs the geese and they fly making easily as much noise, the price I pay for the mountain view.

Still using flannel all around on my bed, changed yesterday. Yesterdays low almost made it down into single digits and with window wide open was cold enuff in bedroom that I decided to get dressed where the heat was. I know that I sleep better when room is on the cold side.

Ordered two skeins of purple yarn from Hazel Knits, will I think be the main color in upcoming knee socks, already have the lime green, red, hot pink, orange and will find some odd balls of other wild colors in my stash. Will be only my second or third pair of knee socks, have kind of avoided them because of the falling down issues but G said she would sew in elastic somewhere to keep them up and wearing over tights will help with the downwards slide of same.

Haven't seen a bear yet so far, aware that they are out and about, several neighbors have seen a sow grizzly. Keeping my camera right handy just in case. First black bear last year was May 1st.


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