Home again after two back to back weekends of spinning, first down to Whidbey Island for their annual spinning do, then the next weekend Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, BC. Between the two I filled 3 bobbins of fairly fine yarns, 2 of the merino-nylon mix and another of BFL-Silk mix. As soon as I get a few empty bobbins will continue with the light gray BFL stuff. Took Gail's Christmas & birthday gifts to her at DM, wild & crazy gloves, Christmas tea towel, and the bag with her name on it.

Took a zip lock bag full of leftover lil bits for Gudie to play with, when I finish the inside of my socks always end up with pieces 2+ inches long, Gudie does wonderful wild yarns with the scraps.

While I was gone believe that it snowed 6 out of the 14 I was out of the valley but came home to no snow in my yard, wonder of wonders. Even the main Tatlako road was bare. And spring is officially here heard the geese flying & honking at just before 5am and the flickers are back drumming on my metal roof. Wish they could hear what I say when they start.


  1. Gail's bag is hilarious! And Gudie's yarn is amazing. Glad you're home safe after a fun couple of weeks.

  2. I love Gail's bag! Where on earth did you get it? x

    1. Google Cafe Press, prepare to look at lots of stuff


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