On the road again

Left home last Tuesday to slowly drift south, now in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. Will take in the guilds annual spinning weekend, just looking of course.

Guess several peeps have been curious why I have been keeping blog up to date, having troubles getting anything published via Firefox so now trying Google Chrome, it seems to be working.

Finally finished the pink w/ red socks, they seemed to take forever, prolly cause they weren't my favorites. But did finish them.

Now working on a pair for D2 in Eburg, will send her a pix soon to see if she likes them.

Daffs, rhodo's, tulips and most everything else is blooming down here and flurries predicted in my wild mountain valley.


  1. Idly wondering: are they not your favorites because of the pink, because of the combination of colors, or because the two socks are so similar? I hope Chrome works out for you; I've been wondering about it.

  2. SO glad to see you on again, I was worried because the last post said you had to stop at doctors while in town. Glad you are enjoying your spring. Donna In NJ

  3. Glad to see your new post. Believe I've been to Whidbey Island. Martha from Kansas


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