The usual stuff

More of the usual stuff, socks (again, still). Not much to write about this time of year, haven't been anywhere except to PO to pick up my mail (2 miles each way). Haven't been to a knitting bee in downtown Tatla Lake in 2 weeks, nothing wrong just didn't feel like making the drive. Rudy (local handyman) was here and looked plumbing leak situation over, will be picking up needed parts and new hoses for washing machine, the hoses just maybe will help with that problem.

Have two socks on the needles, a rosy pinkish and another Monstersock, work one day on each. The monstersocks really don't have a theme but trying to keep several rows of the turquoise after 3 or 4 of the patterned yarns, so far not looking to wild.

Waiting in the wings is the Cascade Heritage sock yarn in natural colors, have light gray, charcoal gray, med brown, black and white, should make for an interesting combo, almost Nordic (I hope).

Just got 2 skeins of Brown Sheep wildfoote (in the variegated reds) from eBay, one of the colors I use a lot of.

15° F this morning with single digits predicted for the next couple of days, winter hanging on. Altho snow is disappearing slowly, hillside above my driveway is pretty much bare but yard around house is still white.


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