3 socks pretty much the same colors now done, 2 of what they should have been (2.5 mm needles) and the one odd (2.25 mm needles), will eventually do another of the smaller model but for now am quite over knitting anything in this color range. My stupid mistake, and it seems as tho I've been doing dumb things more lately. Must be something to do with the weather.

Snowing again this morning, really getting tired of winter. Every time I need or want to go to town wake up to more winter stuff. Will have to make a trip in before leaving for Whidbey Island, prescription refills and have a note from DR' office to call in next trip in, nothing urgent just a quick visit. And of course always need produce and a few groceries.


  1. Love the socks... and I totally agree. Life is too short to match them.
    From Claire Tilley (aka Ye Olde Batt ;D)

  2. Um... Socklady? It's been weeks since you posted. I'm getting worried, out here in blogreader land.


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