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Finished the lime green wild & crazies, then while waiting to hear from Coreen about her pair went ahead and started two more socks. One pair with all the reds I had on hand and the second with a bunch of oranges.

Now wondering if I should-could make this a pair of real odds. They indeed would be different, will wait to decide until blog readers say yeah or nay.

Coreen wanted the natural colors of the Cascade Heritage sock yarn I have on hand. Will give her another couple of days and if I don't hear from her will start socks for D2 in Eburg.

Not much else new and excitingly different in my world, snow is melting and where there had been tracks fast turning to straight ice. Will be glad to see mud.


  1. The colors on all those socks are great!

  2. I vote for going all-out odd, just for the hell of it. One day would you include a photograph of socks inside out so those of us who are having a hard time visualizing the floats--or whatever--can see?


  3. Maureen
    If you send me your email addy can send a pix of a sock inside out.

  4. What I would love to know is how you stop all the ends working loose in wear. I often think I have secured the ends of a join, only to find that it works loose later - and I knit only plain socks.

  5. I strand each end behind about 12-14 stitches worth then using a cuticle remover shag or rough each end up under just a bit of tension, they then disappear once sock is washed.

  6. Socks and booties are BRILLIANT!! I would definitely wear an odd pair!!

    Oh and if you want to see mud you are very welcome to join me for a dog walk in Dulwich woods where there is PLENTY of it!!!


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