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Left last Wednesday (13th) just before lunch time for the big town, first trip into 'the willie' since early December, needless to say I had much to do. First thing I did was get a much needed haircut then took empty water bottles to recycle store. Then up to friends for supper and to stay over. Thursday headed back to town and to Wally World looking for a stainless steel pressure cooker, no luck, tried Canadian Tire and they didn't have one either. Will add it to my to do list for next time I get to Vancouver area. Friday morning I hit SaveOn for groceries, loads of veggies and salad stuff. After almost 8 weeks I was out of lots of staples.

Took in two large bags of laundry, ended up being 4 loads in Denise' machine, so have have clean clothes again. Then ran several sets of slippers to be felted, using my own handspun, all came out even better than I had hoped for. One pair fit Denise so left them with her. One of the colored pair is for Deborah which ever pair fits. Promised for a 'few' years, finally done.

Pix of second pair of socks that went to Maggie in NY.

And the first sock of wild & crazies for DF in Vancouver area. Second sock well down the leg and should get to the heel while watching final episode of Downton Abbey (2 hours) tonight.


  1. I love Maggie's socks! They just say HAPPY to me! :)


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