More sock stuff

Pair #1 of the two pair I sent to Maggie in NY, waiting on pix of 2nd pair.

When Gudie posted a pix of socks to my Facebook page titled 'odd the new norm' I wondered how she knew I had been working on a air of ODDS, had enuff leftovers that I didn't have to use the same color twice in 1st sock, did of course use the same colors in #2 but in different order. Think I still have enuff bits for several more pair. But won't go there just now, am instead working on another pair of wilds for Dale in Vanc. Lime green with orange, purple, reds etc.

Meanwhile back at the almost middle of Feb nothing new and excitingly different in my world.


  1. Your socks are beautiful as always, love seeing all the colors and designs...these green ones are really striking!!

  2. The green socks are striking. Seems like you focus more on blues and purples. The green totally rock. I love the creativity. You are an arr tiste.
    The Bro in VA


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