Soup Disaster

Soup was a real disaster, beans never did cook, tried almost everything including boiling then letting them cool, boiling again for almost 6 hours, only thing I didn't try was freezing them and then putting back in soup. So ravens & birds are enjoying the mess.

Missed going to the big community turkey supper last night, put on at the church by ladies from the church, to much snow and just to darned cold to be traveling mountain roads alone after dark. Had toast w/ peanut butter instead. But will cook a turkey breast today, even have potatoes to mash and cabbage & carrots for salad. And of course either turkey stew or soup afterwards. Had a friend bring me some celery so can add all I want to either the soup or stew.

Another friend brought my mail yesterday, she has a big 4x4 pickup and could handle my driveway, was nice to have it package from Gail, and a book from Amazon plus the latest 'Spin Off'.

Had Gail's pkg to open this morning (shortbread cookies for breakfast) as well as the goodies sent by Mike & Shelia (the bro from VA), 3 new CD's, flashlight, whistle, tea towels and more. Especially like the '25th Anniversary Edition' of Paul Simon's Graceland, Kenny G and Bruce Springsteen also in pkg.


  1. Sorry your soup didn't turn out, Lynne! No idea why the beans wouldn't soften. Black soy beans are the ones I've found that take longest - but only about 3 hours. Any other bean should cook in 1 hour or so after an overnight soak.

    Sounds like you made yourself a Merry Christmas anyway!

  2. I've been a follower of your blog for sometime-I'm also a member of Ravelry. I'm an admirer of your socks, gloves, and your spinning skills. I always look forward to seeing pics of your projects. I just wanted to wish you a Happy and Safe New Year.

  3. Hi Again, Forgot to comment on the beans. This has happened to me before. My dad, who makes a mean pot of beans, said the beans were old. No matter how many hrs they were cooked they still were not soft. I also should have mentioned I was a follower of the old blog before you had internet and blog issues. Glad I found you again.


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