First coffee

First cup in almost a week, the dreaded bug called (eat the wrong stuff and it will kick you upside the head bug) laid me low on the 26th, to much of the wrong stuff. So to save me from having to go to the clinic I just quit eating anything that might be wrong instead drank bottled water for almost 3 days. Feeling fine now and will today boil up leftover turkey breast for turkey noodle soup. Meanwhile and back at the ranch watched lots of football and even stayed up almost all night for the Canada-USA world junior hockey game (game started 1:30 am my time), dumb the score would have been the same at noon as it was when the game was over. Today's game between Can - Russia started at a much more civilized time of 5:30 am, missed first 30 minutes of hype and started out at 6 am to watch Can beat the Russians 4-1.

Read every single book I had on my Kindle, soon will have to get somewhere with a WiFi connection to down load more, it sure was handy when I felt so punk. First couple of days when feeling punk I could watch football or read but knitting wasn't going to work.

Next blog will have pix I promise.


  1. Oh no! I'm glad to hear you are on the mend now. I think lots of Canadians stayed up all night to watch hockey. I think the country is going through withdrawals with the NHL out on strike. And I'm not sure, but can't you plug your Kindle into your computer and load books directly onto it from Amazon?

  2. No coffee for a week? I might have been tempted to lay off the stuff once and for all if I went cold turkey that way. Expensive and I use up a good bit of my limited life time left brewing the stuff, heating milk, washing up, etc. But is the "housewife high" for me, and I would have to make it for Mattie anyway. So glad you are on the mend. I'm standing here at the kitchen counter with your mahvelous socks on, which keep my feet nicely warm and still fit into my shoes, like so many other hand knitted socks do not. Happy, happy and keep on keeping on, Lynne!

  3. Oh dear. Happy to hear you're better now. Here in Washington DC, we're in complete withdrawal from hockey but the football has been a happy development.

  4. so many people here have been ill over this Christmas holidays, its the Norovirus here which strikes suddenly and savagely . My daughter and her boyfriend had it when they were in Scotland with all his family and about 10 in the party had it so a wasted trip!!
    Hope you are well recovered now and wishing you a Happy 2013.
    Did you ever read "the snow child"??


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