Finally got the gray handspun socks washed, used Lavender Eucalan no rinse wool wash, its the only thing I use on my socks. The yarn I choose to use for the socks is not the BFL I thought it was, something else from long ago and far away. A bit on the coarse side and am hoping the washing would have eased that a bit, the person they are for may just have to wear thin cotton socks underneath.

Last night while watching Monday Nite Football finished the first sock of the Turkies pair, quite sure I am going to reverse all colors and patterns on sock #2, or so I am now thinking.

Washed my soup bowl from last night and the pan I used to reheat the chicken w/ rice soup, then started 8 eggs to hard boil for egg salad to take with me to knitting bee tomorrow.
Now ready to start on turkie #2. All done before 9 am. When I have a list of things I want to do seems as tho if I don't finish I regret not getting everything done, not today list is finished.


  1. Love the blue sock! Also love Eucalan! I just let my dirty socks pile up and then wash with Eucalan and hang to dry on my clotheshorse. It keeps them soft and in such good shape.

  2. Hi--A happy Thanksgiving for me now that I have found your blog again. Love seeing all your socks. Just enjoyed going back and reading all your posts since April. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!


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