I haz heat (again)

Local electrician (knows a lot about gas) was here this morning and both heaters are working again, hope and pray that it is the last problems I'll have this winter, big propane tank is full and that should take me well into February. Last few days have been relatively mild for Nov so easily got away by wearing lotsa woolies, fingers were the most uncomfortable, can't knit with gloves on.

Finished the really boring plain light gray socks, no color or patterns just as plain as they could possibly be. Won't be in a hurry to make another pair any time soon. Broke out the turkies as soon as I finished the gray, about 1/3 down foot so far but another football game on at 5:30 that I plan on watching.

Started a whole chicken breast in soup pot about 10 am, after it was cooked added celery, carrots, chicken with the rice the last in the pot, should be ready to eat in next 30 minutes or so. Enuff for tonight, tomorrow and prolly Tuesday, can eat soup almost every meal.

Now that wool room is warm again can get back to spinning the light turquoise merino-nylon mix, first bobbin is nearly full. Still thinking about the Feb Ladies sweater but found the pattern for the Summer Braids cardigan and its looking good as well, may be flipping a quarter to decide on which one I want to do.


  1. Glad you have heat again...hope it lasts!!


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