Cyber Monday

And what did I buy, natural colors of Heritage sock yarn from Paradise Fibers, they had 10% off and that paid for postage. Black, gray, white and brown, 2 each except for the brown only 1 of those. Not really inclined to shop much anywhere regardless of the deals, but the sock yarn in solid colors I need for upcoming sock orders.

I tried to finish these socks last night but anytime after 10 pm I fade fast, knew that there was no way that I would have been able to kitchner the toe when it was all I could do to get my shower and get into bed. Instead finished this morning after having my coffee, no problems while wide awake. Main color was knit pick stroll then lots of leftover bits. Wonder if I will ever run out of leftovers.

Next project will be a pair of mens gloves, going to Vancouver Island when finished, nothing wild & crazy. Then back to socks.

Another good day for soup, cabbage, lentil and what ever else looks like it will work.

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  1. The socks are lovely, as usual! I am curious about what you charge for a pair of socks. I can't imagine it would ever be enough to compensate you for the time and materials.

  2. Well once again I find myself looking at the wonderful pictures of your socks and am reduced to one word. Wow. Hard to believe you can create this art from leftovers. Love the pictures. Isn't it hard to knit when it's a bazillion below?
    I remain
    The brother in VA


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