Glorious rain so far this morning, enuff that I have puddles on my driveway. Would much rather have the rain & mud than the fires that can be so scary. In 2010 there were big fires to the east and west and for several days the only road (hiway 20) was closed, when we got a possible evacuation alert wondered where we could go if it really happened. Were lucky then to dodge the fire bullet. After getting my yard cut it turned so brown and crunchy, now can almost see it turning greener by the minute.

Ear flapper for Anna B, local teen that helped with shoveling and keeping my car clear of snow the last couple of years. Have had this handspun flapper around for awhile and gave it to her last Friday (one of the hottest days so far). She gamely put it on long enuff for me to get a pix.

The wild & crazy socks are moving right along, no pix tho until the pair are finished. Used lots of solid colored Koigu and Cherry Tree Hill yarns in the leg part but knowing how Koigu doesn't hold up for any amount of time in the foot have switched to Opal's, Regia's, Lorna's Laces and any other bright stuff (that has some nylon in), that I have on hand. Am pleased with results so far. Will watch on my travels for more bright sock yarns especially the ones with nylon in for the foot part. I put so much of my love of sock knitting in each pair that I don't want them wearing out in just a season.

Crock pot of assorted dried beans with some leftover bacon, onion, brown rice and celery for supper tonight Have done this before and know it could become a habit for winter months, can make it into soup or an almost stew.


  1. I like the hat! I have made several of those for different people but never using handspun. I have a pattern for this type of hat with peace signs, but I haven't used it, yet.


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