Mail day surprises

Had my Knit Picks order with yesterdays mail and a surprise package from Maggie via Kimmie Cornerstone (Parkinson). A bundaflicka tote (perfect colors, one I would have chosen from a rack full), many bars of soap, another container of Shepherds Friend hand creme (haven't had a cracked fingertip since I started using it). Almost like a late Christmas.
Knit Picks order had the almost fuchsia yarn I'd been waiting for before starting on Toni's wild & crazy socks.

On Tuesday had 2 black bears in yard, one grazing just in front of the old wood shed, the other over by the cattle guard by the driveway, no way would they get close enuff to get a pix of the 2 together. By the time I got a shot of the one by the cattle guard it had crossed and was on my driveway (left smelly things behind) on his travels.

The grill master brother in VA sent me a pix of a grill full of turkey burgers and sausages, came thru on a night when I had an early supper, looked good enuff to lick the puter screen.
Would have done so if I thought it might work.


  1. I would have thought you all had grizzlies instead of black bars. Lots of black bears in our area, but not so much near our house. Rattlesnakes abound and we have bluetailed skinks on our deck, lol. And many squirrels in the yard. What part of VA is your brother in? We are in Augusta County.

  2. Love the bag!!It sounds like it was just like Christmas at your house! Love days like that!


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