Picked up current sock knitting last night and promptly removed needles, just didn't like the colors I was trying to use. Slept better last night knowing I didn't have to work on it anymore. Will stay with the denim blue for main color and will try for 3 different skeins of Kaffe Fassett colors that sorta go with the blue, maybe by and by a few of other colors.

Got to Tatla today and got stitches out so will be able to get a shower tonight. Glad we went when we did cause its sure looking black to the north just now, right where we would have been. Even paid a few bills via the phone in thingie, after we got home, punch in dozens of numbers and then 6 more choices and bingo its done. L even got car filled with gas while in Tatla just in case we have to go somewhere in a hurry.

Soon I hope L remembers to bring her camera cord to download pix of the helicopter sitting in my yard before the flat on my back ride into town, beautiful day and I couldn't see a thing.


  1. Trust me, seeing stuff from the back of a helicopter isn't all that great. Glad to hear you are recovering but sure would have loved to hear details sooner. We still wish you were closer to us. We love you dearly and please please please keep us informed. I remain, the brother in Virginia.

  2. So glad to hear you are on the mend! Don't try and do too much too soon though.

  3. Had to get the name of your new blog from Gail as I lost the name. Hope the trip to town wasn't to strenuous and that all was well. Take care. Hugs Karen

  4. I am glad to hear you are recovering! And that you are sleeping better after you ripped out the sock you were knitting. :-)

  5. Hope you're still mending nicely and feeling better every day. I really enjoy your blog posts.


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