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Out last Sunday to our small farmers market in Tatla Lake, was hoping for eggs and bread, no eggs but instead scored real tomatoes from the Okanagan, bought 8 sorta large and have had one a day since I came home. 2 left, bummer had just got used to having them again. I do have to make a trip into town for prescription refills in the next few days might luck out and find more at Beaver Valley Feeds.

The socks for Miss E are on the way, Jo forgot to pick them up when she left but via the who is going to town to make connections they made it. Looking forward to pix on the kids. As soon as I was done with this batch started a pair for Maela, Opal variegated green for main colour then lots of odds and sods for the patterns. Pix after a bit more progress.
Have a #monstersockkal starting Sept. 1st so that will be next project, lots of blues, and greens all odds and sods.

Haven't neglected (to much) my spinning, finished the second bobbin of the little bits, used red about every 4th or so rows, so hopefully once I start plying the reds will come over each other occasionally. Have enuff of the leftover bits to do one more bobbin full, haven't decided yet what I will ply it with. Have lots of choices so will be another batch of wild and crazy sock yarn.

First Knitting Bee yesterday since July 3rd, everyone is busy in summer with gardens, yard chores, company and travels. Andrea our visiting nurse from VGH is up visiting the husband so we all (3 of us) try to meet when she shows up. Saw a large black bear walking right on the road on the way home, didn't have time to get camera before it headed into the trees. Noticed that the dog bane has all turned yellow along the road a sure sign of frost and fall on the way. Temp this morning was 3.4° C and forecast from Environment Canada's weather page is predicting lows pretty close to freezing,  


  1. The little ones socks came out nice . Hopefully There will be tomatoes when you can get into town again. Your spinning is nice and even. Can't wait too see it plied together and in a skein of yarn. You can keep the black bear in your area. WE had a black bear come over the canal a couple of years ago. Didn't seem to bother any one. That' s the first bear we have on Cape Cod. You take care!!

  2. I, too, celebrate tomatoes that actually TASTE like tomato/not cardboard! I can picture you enjoying them each day.


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