Not as cold

-22°C this morning, just a tad bit warmer. Forecast for the next 10 days or so, show temps in -20's at night. Pretty easy to get tired of this cold but then remember its still only February. Warmer weather will come in due time.

Finished the first pink-y sock and have already cast on for #2. They will be sorta fraternal, same colours in each pattern but just in different places (I think).

 Also working on another sock , when arthritic left hand gets to sore using it on the patterned pink sock I switch to the black with lots of MaryAnn Smiths leftover bits. The patterns in the black sock are much easier for left hand to deal with.

Not much else in my wild mountain valley. Will have a KB next week on the 13th, same as good food box arrival.


  1. Really like the black divisions on the bottom sock.

  2. Like the way you do your color combinations. They are always so pleasant to the eye. We're having weather that can't make up it's mind. One day you freeze , the next day it's warm. If you go by the ground hog we're suppose to have and early spring. We'll see!!

  3. I like them both but then I'm partial to pinks & purples and that black really makes the other colors POP. Looks like we've had our annual Valentines snow bomb - it's now raining out there. Due for one more before March arrives & then we'll be able to get the old shorts out once more. Nothing to report in 10 days????


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