Lots of pix

Lots of knitting done over the holidays, watched college football bowl games (a few) and the World Junior Hockey championships. And weather was crappy, rain and wind dropped snow in my yard from 2 + feet to less than 8 inches, right now temps are +5 with a strong south wind. Hopefully warm enuff and with so much wind the ice on my driveway will soon be gone.

Had a bunch of hot pinks, reds, and lots of other colours that I thought might work for Monstersocks, so much left over after adult size 9+ that I then made a pair for Everlee (3 years old) then a pair for Maela 8 years. Now glad to see the end of this colour range. First pix are the socks for Maela, then the adult version and last socks for Everlee and orange for her grandmother.

I sent shortie socks to VA for Christmas for my SIL, she likes to sleep in same when its cold.

Next socks will be the second pair for Gayle Vallance in Fernie. Have sent pix to her to make sure all the colours suit.
Had a very quiet Christmas, cooked a small turkey breast and a large yam, carrot salad and cranberry sauce made a super good meal. Then had turkey in several other compilations, and now the best part turkey noodle soup.


  1. You have been quite busy. The socks look great. Your dinner sounded good, it's nice to be able to stretch it out over a few days. They're the best. Have a wonderful New Year and stay warm !!

  2. I always enjoy seeing what socks you are working on. I've got a pair that are about 1/2 down the second sock foot, so I need to finish them up! It wouldn't take long if I just picked them up. :)

  3. Love the socks! Sorry your weather has been crappy. I found 2 pair I had knit for my husband last year that only needed a couple of ends worked in. They are ready for any cold days we may get (predicted 81F today)....


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