Under the weather

Just before Christmas came down with a GI issue, not much eating, drank lots of ginger mint tea (not my favourite), I did cook the turkey breast on Christmas, had a few sandwiches then froze the carcass. Just as well I did. Some days would get up just before 7 and then would fall asleep in the recliner by 10 with several fleece blankets over me. And somewhere in that time frame ran into an arctic outflow stretch of weather, got down to -29.6° C, blankets now folded and put back away, and am staying out of the recliner until either a football games (or the world junior hockey games were on), they are now over (Canada won the gold metal). Things back to normal now or what I call normal. Even did a bit of 2018 spinning.

Got the yarn wound into cakes ready to knit from for Andrea's socks, have started on the ribbing using the Jay Pond blue as the main colour (lower left corner), A picked out the colours last time she was here. Am not yet sure if the order I will knit everything, keep them out where I can move the colours around.

Next pix is of my garbage picking up neighbor's grandchildren wearing some of the socks I knit for them.

Next issue I soon have to deal with is a trip to town, haven't been in since mid October so needless to say am out of much stuff. Especially would like to have a big salad. Produce does not keep for almost 3 months, all I have right now are a few carrots.

This is dedicated to the WnK old bag that was on my case about updating the blog.

Hoping to soon see the propane truck, after the long cold snap prolly getting quite low.


  1. Sorry you felt bad for a while and glad you're feeling better now! Love the pics of the socks on the kids--so cute! The stack of yarn cakes ready to become socks is very inspiring--those colors are really striking. Hope you have a nice trip to town and find some yummy salad fixings.

  2. I'm glad you're on the mend now, Lynne. You'll have had lots of football to watch while you were curled up on the recliner with all those blankets. The yarn colours for your next pair of socks are wonderful, as always!

  3. So sorry you were under the weather (pun intended). Hope you get to town soonest. Seattle hasn't suffered from the cold - just almost constant rain. Good knitting time!

  4. Echo everything that has been said above. Hope you blog a pic of the socks as you choose which colours where!!!

    So nice when people send pics of your stuff on them. Very nice!

  5. From one old Bat to another - Glad to see you're OK up there in the wilderness all by yourself. Everyone worries a bit when you don't blog very often - especially when you're 'alone'. That GI thing is spreading everywhere & really clobbering some folks. Keep well & hope to see you in the spring.

  6. Just found your blog. Sounds like you live in my province but out in the boonies some where ;-) I hope you manage a trip to get some produce. I also hope you are feeling better. Like you, I contracted a bug just before Christmas and it's been a very long period of staying mostly indoors. I do love all your sock patterns. I've not made socks yet. I'm thinking I should maybe do some children's socks like you are showing. Can you recommend a simple pattern?


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