Spinning and Stuff

The two leftover bits from last couple of plying jobs came out way better than I thought, wishing I had more of each. Small skein in front of the two mixed batches.

Then found a full bobbin (one of many) that I knew where the rest of the fiber was hiding, thinking its a merino from source that I can't remember.

Got up extra early this morning even before it was light enuff in wool room to spin, but by the time coffee was ready it was good to go. Got in nearly an hour spinning the variegated merino, wanted time before it gets hot, temp predicted to be 32°C today (90°F), not terribly hot but it is for in here. Just 3.8°C when I got up, close to 39°F, so at least the sleeping is comfortable.

Have number two sock of the red pair to finish and another one started that might go into time out so I can get started on Kristie's pair. Short enuff that it might be a challenge to get all the colors into the patterns. K I can't remember what color you wanted for the main color.

I had planned on going to town the last two Fridays, last week a migraine (first one in years) laid me out, then today would have been miserable hot running around in Wms Lake, then unloading groceries when I would be hot & sweaty was to much to even think about. Have enuff B/P meds to make it another week same with Warfarin.

If I go next week it is supposed to be much cooler will leave early enuff that I can get to farmers market and pick up tomatoes, can't believe that I've managed to wait so long. Might while its still relatively cool make a smallish batch of macaroni salad, perfect for lunch and supper when its hot.

Just talked to Christine over in West Branch valley and she is going into town tomorrow and will pick up tomatoes at Beaver Valley Feeds, they bring them up from far south in BC, may even go over to her place Sunday morning to pick them up


  1. Love your plyed skeins, the green variegated is interesting, I think it will turn out beautifully when plyed. You are busy...busy....I have been carding....and then carding some more Alpaca fibre.....

  2. You are a dedicated spinner to get up so early just to get in some time on your wheel. It's been cooling off at night here too, which is nice. You must be starting to worry about forest fires now that this heat wave has hit. The deep blue or the dark purple would be great as the main colour. If you can't work in all the colours that's okay. :-)


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