Another Grizzly

Coming back to wool room after breakfast, saw movement out side window, set coffee down, quickly, grabbed camera and got 3 pix of another visiting griz. Pix taken thru window shows window frame and bear not much more than 10 feet from window (and me). Pix #2 after bear left a deposit then turned and sort of ran towards the north, under the fence in a flash then out of sight into woods just north of yard. 2nd griz in my yard so far this season.


  1. Great bear pics!!!! Good thing you have INDOOR plumbing in your little house. I'd hate to meet one of those coming or going!!! Is this normal for this time of the year or are you getting more bears this year??

  2. 4 in just over 2 weeks, 2 of each. A good bit more than normal.

  3. Phew - that would be too close for comfort for me. Do you have a big gun in case that guy decided he wanted to come in?

  4. Cindie's question made me wonder - have they ever thought they might want to come in? I know you think of them with respect and look around carefully before you go out, but has one ever come up on your porch or peered in your window/

    1. Not yet. But am careful to not leave anything stinky around house. Goes directly to the dump.

  5. Wow, those are big animals. I do think of you up there with them roaming about. I get nervous about little scorpions or snakes and potato bugs around here-not bears!! Nice the wool fumes don't attract them.

  6. Wow that is close! I like to be outside too much to be living in Bear country! Be safe!


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