Finished the socks for Tammy in NC, started them December 21 st then a bump in the road had me put them aside for awhile. Am so glad the brain is back to communicating with the fingers again. Main color was from Hazel Knits, and then lots of odds and sods from other projects. Next will be socks for KH down near Chilliwack, then a pair of Koigu gloves also for Tammy.

Have a bunch of single skeins of handspun, all close to DK weight that I would like to use for a sleeve to sleeve cardigan, once last of knitting for other people is done just might do it. Think first I might spin another couple of colors just to make sure I have enuff.

I am continuing to do well on my own, hard to believe after the long time in hospital, half of December, all of January and most of February were just a spot in my wasted winter.

Found this somewhere and it really talked to me.


  1. Your handspun would make a beautiful sweater, Lynne. I can't wait to see the next pair of socks! So glad you are continuing to do well.

  2. Happy that you are "back on track" re making socks and gloves! I can't forget the red/orange sock combo you posted early in March on FB. Loved them.


  3. So glad you are doing well. Always look forward to your posts.

  4. As always love your socks!
    So glad life is back to normal.

  5. Glad you are doing better-love the quote too!

  6. So glad you are back! I'm looking forward to when you make a start on your sweater to see how your homespun knits up.

  7. That's the best thing about creativity. I totally understand what you mean! I love looking at your socks from this new perspective. It tells me your heart is very, very beautiful.

  8. I enjoy your blog so much. Whidbey is next month. Any chance of you going?

    1. Made reservations and got travel insurance yesterday, Lord willin and the creek don't rise I'll be there.


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