Sam local electrician in yesterday to look house furnace over, turns out to just have been the pilot light blew out during the high winds of the 9th. Except for 2 old baseboard heaters I didn't have any heat in main part of the house from the 9th until the 23rd. First time in 2 weeks that I don't have on several long sleeved shirts and a wool sweater.

Several people are more concerned about me being here on Christmas day without any company, but really its just what I want. Will be cooking a small ham and maybe scalloped potatoes, carrot salad and a small yam. Lots of leftovers then to be followed by either bean or pea soup.

Today its relatively warm -6°C with lots of sunshine and blue sky, if the sun would have made an appearance while furnace was out sure would have been a lot better.

Not much of a fan of country or rock n roll Christmas music and right now that is about all the radio I can get is playing, so will put on some old stuff on the CD changer, Phil Coulter, Gordon Lightfoot, Jennifer Warnes, Kenny G and knit on current monster socks.


  1. So glad you have heat again. Did he show you how to light the pilot light if it happens again? Or is that not something the average person can do?

    Merry Christmas Lynne!

  2. My mom had these foot long matches to light the furnace if it went out. I'll see if I can find some for you.
    I intend to spend Christmas by myself as well. Then I can eat what I want - looks like chicken, yam & sprouts!!! - and watch black & white movies or maybe a HGTV marathon. Who says you have to party with people you don't really like even if they share the same genes???? BAH Do what you wana wana do, say what you wana wana say, go where you want to gooooooo! Have a really good one Lynne.

  3. Merry Christmas Lynne! Keep warm and enjoy your dinner and your knitting!!

  4. Merry Christmas, Lynne! Hope the heat keeps on heating! I can't take any more Christmas movies, or music either. Been watching since it started early November, and I'm done for this year.
    I wish we had a bit colder weather. The ground is not even frozen. A real mess in the backyard, and the dogs are not happy. No more snow either.

    Enjoy your Christmas ham etc. Sounds good, especially the soups, great for cold weather.

  5. I'm with Cindie and hope he showed you how to light the pilot light! Glad you had a warm Christmas anyway, Lynn.


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