More scrap socks

Did the first sock while watching most of two football games plus the latest Downton Abbey. And the 2nd sock over the next 5 days. Think I have enuff of the leftovers bits to make another pair, but for now won't get into another pair of socks. Saving my energy for upcoming Oll-lim-pics knitting will get into another pair of wild & crazy gloves knit with Koigu. Some people get their knickers all twisted when anybody says they are doing Oll-lim-pics knitting.

While I wait for glove knitting to get underway will make several pair of mini socks and a couple of pair of baby booties, never can have to many of them laying around.

Another day of clear blue sky, and way above normal temps, 42° F, no heat on now in the house or wool room, solar heat doing the job. Once sun sets behind big west mountains (another half hour or so) temps start dropping and I will have to turn some heat on. But I'll take all this weather I can get, altho having said that would like to see a couple of weeks of snow, haven't had hardly any and that isn't good for July & August fire season.

Another couple of new followers (welcome), am still a long way away from the 150 or so that I had with the old blog (that blogspot ate).


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