Missing needles

My 4 inch 2 mm needles have gone walkabout, have checked every bag and possible place they could be, nope. I try and keep all the 4 inchers in one place, have 1.75 and 2.25, but the 2 mm are the most I use, so next trip to OFFF will try and pick up another set of 2mm thus guaranteeing I will find the original ones as soon as I get home.

Sam electrician was just here and I have heat in wool room again, he seemed to think the fake logs were maybe blocking the gas flow, , it usually goes out after a big wind. He will pick up another thermocouple when he goes to town next trip, just in case.

Mini sock knitting didn't go very well, made 2 small socks and then the arthritis in left hand kicked into gear, so started a pair of gloves instead, have first one almost done should get #2 done before Olly's start and I do the Koigu wild & crazy gloves.

-24°C here this morning that's -12°F, cold in either, but nowhere near as cold as eastern states and Canada. And if environment Canada has guessed right will be quite a bit colder early next week.


  1. We're sitting nicely at -7C here in Eastern Ontario. A very nice break from -27 and colder temps that were January. Though it is snowing...again. :)
    A quiet day here in the daycare; may even get a few rows done on my gansey socks.


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