The road north

Is on hold now until Thursday. Spent 6 hours in emergency at Langley Memorial with bad rash-crud on my chin, first went to walk in clinic and the DR there said to go to hosp as in right now, so I did then sat in emerg without my knitting for 6 hours. Prescription for antibiotics and a creme to rub in, and a humdinger of a steroid shot. And not a phone booth any where to call and let Gail know where I was. Everyone down here has a cell phone or two or three.
One lady in emerg was going to let me use her cell but kid had been playing games and battery was almost dead.


  1. OH No!! What next!! hope the shot and cream does the trick...and nothing is worse than having to sit and wait without knitting...only thing that keeps me sane. Get well!!

  2. Oh no! Being stuck in emergency without knitting is almost worse than the reason that sent you there in the first place! I hope you make a quick recovery. You must be staying very close to where I live if you went to emerge in Langley. We are now out at Cultus Lake.

  3. Oh dear - I hope you're able to head home tomorrow.........


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