Soup weather

Crock pot vegetable soup started about 10 am, cabbage, carrots, celery, onion, pot barley, softer stuff like kale, spinach, potatoes will go in later, if I had a turnip would have added it as well. Was going to start this Tuesday morning but still wasn't feeling up to snuff, today much better.

Roy Paul was here yesterday to deal with critter in attic, he set traps and before he got home trap was sprung, a critter caught. He is coming back later today to remove same, will get to see what it was, suspect a squirrel. He said attic didn't smell anything like a maybe pack rat, relief. He also closed hole in screen (flickers) above the wool room, putting in poison before doing so. Never heard anything running around after trap was sprung so hopefully just the one critter.

15° F this morning, will be a relief to have snow tires on the car, have an appointment next Wed at 1 pm.

Saturday 2 pm It was indeed a pack rat, properly disposed of now, fish food.


  1. Wish I was there to share the soup. Critter was trying to stay warm. We have hit the upper 40's a couple of times and feel like we are freezing. . .
    The bro in VA


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