First bear sighting of 13' season yesterday, black bear running across my yard, way to fast to grab camera to get a pix. When it finally did stop was behind big Saskatoon bush eating berries. I know that they have been around by the scat they leave behind, but unless I actually see the critter it don't count.

Finished first glove of current wild & crazy pair, not sure if second will be the same or #1 of another set. Already had to remove top of ring finger and re knit a bit different. Will just muddle along until I get a pair that I am happy with.

A few clouds, keeping temps a tad bit cooler, instead of high 20's by noon today so far is just at 22°, much nicer. Even tho am still drinking lots of fluids, mostly bottled water, my house water (well) is not the best this time of year.

Thought I might be able to hang a load of towels on rack and put it out on back porch, but now wind has come up enuff that rack would soon fall, so under ceiling fan in living room. Even the heaviest towels will be dry before I go to bed tonight.


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