Just looked over 7 pages of messages to me on my Ravelry site, first message was from grannygail September 29, 2007, don't even remember joining that far back. Lots of messages liking my Monstersocks and several from old friends from far away places with strange sounding names. 630 messages, over 400 replies, lots of friends added, and the rest just liking something I've knit.

Still to hot for my liking and its expected to be even hotter over the weekend, time to sit in front of the fan with my feet in a bucket of cool water. glad I have small projects on my to do list for the next little while. First glove of current pair to the middle finger, so far so good.

Still have enuff salad greens for several more big supper salads, tonight will have lots of romaine, mixed organic greens and spinach. The bonus of having a few real tomatoes has made the salads even more enjoyable.

Small plastic bag of stuff fell down behind puter desk, in and awkward place to reach so I just left it sit, finally got a stick and pulled it out only to have one of these plastic spiders come loose, for about 10 seconds I was almost ready to scream for help. Then realized that they weren't real, phew what a relief. Please don't anybody ask why I even had them around.


  1. those would have freaked me out, even knowing they're plastic freaks me out, just seeing the photo freaks me out!!!

  2. WOW !!! Have we been "playing" on Rav, that long ? LOL I chuckled when I saw the spiders. Could they have been left behind by a little-person-visitor ? (I just cannot see you purchasing such thngs! ) Keep trying to stay cool.

  3. I'm new here. Just wanted to say I adore your socks, particularly the little children's socks. I am making some for my grand children at the moment. I've only recently discovered the joy of knitting socks and my eldest daughter is mainly the happy recipient. Beautiful socks and the gloves are amazing! Marina from Peterborough,Cambridgeshire, UK.


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