Thursday, August 15, 2013

Maela's socks

Liz in for visit today with Miss Maela to pick up the 3 pair of socks, managed to get 2 of the 3 pair on for a pix before she was done with that (as only a 2 yr old can do), also had a felt pair of slippers that will fit her this winter and mitts for her and a pair for big brother Nolund. While here Nolund pulled Toadflax the nasty weed, paid him $10 he seemed happy with that. Then Liz loaded all my stuff to go to the dump in the back of her pickup (Hallelujah), sent a bag of stuff to go to recycle for Nolund to make a bit more money on, OJ containers etc. Ever so glad to see the end of trash in my back room. Also sent a dinosaur movie home with Nolund. Thank you Liz & Nolund. Maela was happiest with a handful of corn chips.

Weather has finally moderated, low to mid 20's instead of 30°+, cool enuff at night to pull up comforter. Love it. Next hot spell expected as soon as kids go back to school.

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