While washing dishes had 8 eggs on stove hard boiling, so I could make egg salad to take to knitting bee tomorrow. 8 really fresh eggs that peeled jest fine (thank you Yvonne). Added a bit of roasted garlic and pepper seasoning mix and called it good. Knitting bee is getting smaller Shirley & Paul (preacher) have moved to Prince George to be closer to family so that just leaves Joyce, Christine, Elis when she is around and me (every other week). Sometimes Glenda shows up as well, we some where have to find others interested in coming.

Have only the thumb and forefinger to do on the 2nd glove, then working in all the ends and am done. Will in a bit get the yarn wound into balls for the stuff I'll be doing for Gudie. Have 8 skeins to wind so think I'll wheel a chair over to ball winder, crank up music and have at her.

Have been thinking about going to town this Thursday, if I don't get a haircut am going to hack off way to much in places myself, needless to say I don't know what I am doing. If I do go will get it really short, ever so much easier to take care of during this hot & sticky weather.

Today is my brother Mikes 39th (plus) birthday, for all our growing up years we always thought it was the 31st, guess he found out different when time came to join Army. Have always sorta wondered how my Mom could mix up the days.



  1. A few days after the 2:01 birth time made for the confusion. Hospital records were pretty clear. 30th, 31st . . . just a number. Thanks for the birthday wish. 65 years young. But who's counting . . .
    The Bro in VA
    aka Michael :o)


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