Finally finished these socks, blue is a Hazel Knits yarn (do love the stuff), colors are leftover bits of fast koffee sock yarn (Regia). Started these mid May and then several things got in the way, first I forgot sock #1 at Denise's on one of my town trips (used #1 as pattern for #2), then went to conference in Spokane, made Maela's socks, then flat out had trouble going back to #2. Trust me it happens.

Wednesday 3rd finally got a load to the dump, mozzies have been to bad to do much outside but W the wind was really blowing and that meant a dump run was OK, then carried onto Tatla for knitting bee, decided it was best if I only make the drive every other week, 20 miles each way proves tiresome every week. Not much else exciting in my life just now (the way I like it), unless one counts getting a load of flannel sheets washed and bed changed.

Still haven't seen a bear in my yard yet this season, guess that is OK but do like to get pix. I know that they have been around from the offerings they leave, must be sneaking around after dark. One neighbor saw 8 grizzlies in one day just recently.


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