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After knitting 10 pair of various sized slippers on 6 mm needles (almost as big around as my little finger), when I picked up the 2mm to start on socks felt really really strange, was well into ribbing before it felt comfortable again. Almost all the slippers were handspun leftovers so lots of almost solid colors, happy to be back at socks with lots of colors (say wild & crazy again). With 2 football games on the tube today should get pretty well down the sock of sock #1. Waiting to hear from KL to see if she wants fraternal or identical.

Off to put something in crock pot for supper tonight.


  1. Those are going to be really pretty socks - love the dark blue setting off the colors.

  2. I'm liking these colors too. Will be interesting to see if identical or fraternal. I also like the reverse idea...

  3. When I change needle sizes for different projects, it always takes a bit for my hands to adjust and feel comfortable.

    I love seeing all the beautiful socks that you knit.


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