Have been wondering what had been making big tracks in the new snow in my house yard, today finally got to see the critter, big lynx. Took 7 pix but to far away to get a really good shot, this was the best of the lot. Click on pix to make it larger. Think its only the second I've seen, first one was 20+ years ago coming out of Travers after dark, headlights froze the critter so got a really good view.

Now that driveway has been opened and car cleared off I'm free but alas no where I want to go. But nice knowing I could if I wanted to. Temps forecast to be in mid teens below zero F for tonight, arctic outflow blanketing the province.


  1. Beautiful Lynx. Looks like a very heavy winter coat on the beast too. Thank you for the photo.

  2. Lucky you to spot a lynx! All of the cats are very elusive. In all my husband's years as a regional fisheries biologist he only once spotted a cougar. And when we lived in a log house on a property in the Slocan Valley I once glanced out my window and happened to spot a bobcat.

    Stay warm! If it is this cold in Kamloops I imagine it is even colder where you live. :-)

  3. -24° not nearly as bad as it is at Punzi Mtn -35° and that only 60 miles (as the crow flies) away.

  4. beautiful picture and such lovely bright sun and blue sky.
    Its got "cold" here....2c and some snow expected... it will probably be a cm or 2 but can almost guarantee that the city will grind to a halt

  5. Great photo, Lynne. Makes us homesick for the Chilcotin. Loved the visit on the phone - will try to send pics of my socks and the leicester yarn I'm spinning.

  6. Ooh. Pretty kitty! It's a good thing they're elusive critters. You have enough fun with the bears!


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