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First coffee

First cup in almost a week, the dreaded bug called (eat the wrong stuff and it will kick you upside the head bug) laid me low on the 26th, to much of the wrong stuff. So to save me from having to go to the clinic I just quit eating anything that might be wrong instead drank bottled water for almost 3 days. Feeling fine now and will today boil up leftover turkey breast for turkey noodle soup. Meanwhile and back at the ranch watched lots of football and even stayed up almost all night for the Canada-USA world junior hockey game (game started 1:30 am my time), dumb the score would have been the same at noon as it was when the game was over. Today's game between Can - Russia started at a much more civilized time of 5:30 am, missed first 30 minutes of hype and started out at 6 am to watch Can beat the Russians 4-1.

Read every single book I had on my Kindle, soon will have to get somewhere with a WiFi connection to down load more, it sure was handy when I felt so punk. First couple of d…

Soup Disaster

Soup was a real disaster, beans never did cook, tried almost everything including boiling then letting them cool, boiling again for almost 6 hours, only thing I didn't try was freezing them and then putting back in soup. So ravens & birds are enjoying the mess.

Missed going to the big community turkey supper last night, put on at the church by ladies from the church, to much snow and just to darned cold to be traveling mountain roads alone after dark. Had toast w/ peanut butter instead. But will cook a turkey breast today, even have potatoes to mash and cabbage & carrots for salad. And of course either turkey stew or soup afterwards. Had a friend bring me some celery so can add all I want to either the soup or stew.

Another friend brought my mail yesterday, she has a big 4x4 pickup and could handle my driveway, was nice to have it package from Gail, and a book from Amazon plus the latest 'Spin Off'.

Had Gail's pkg to open this morning (shortbread cookies for b…

Soup & Snow

Just added about 2 cups of dried celery and a dozen morel mushrooms (dried so broke them up first) to a pot of what eventually will be bean soup, not as much ham left as I first thought but it will be enuff. Soaked the beans overnight then first thing this morning got them into my crock pot on high. Now boiling in the ham bone stock.

Snowing again (or maybe I should say still), not looking like I'll be going out to Christmas supper in Tatla, driveway would be a problem, no tracks since I came home from knitting bee on Wednesday. So will eat soup up for a couple of days then maybe Christmas day I'll cook the turkey breast in fridge defrosting. 15° F (-10°C) right now with much lower temps forecast for next several days.

Found two more skeins of the scrap spinning I did a couple of years ago, made socks for my neighbor Katie, liked them so much always wished I had a pair. With upcoming even colder weather (arctic outflow) I'll soon be wearing the heavier handspun socks I al…

Looks like a white Christmas

Started snowing on the way home from the knitting bee yesterday, in the time it took me to get home (30 minutes) was over a couple of inches on my porch, had swept it off before leaving at 9:30. Then snowed rest of the day and all night, just fine easy to sweep off snow, but ended up with nearly 6 new inches. With temps forecast to be well down (zero F or lower) over next week, snow will likely stick around. No plans to go any where until Christmas eve when If roads allow will go out for church's big Christmas supper. And if that should come to pass that its to nasty to go will plan on a turkey breast for Christmas day supper here.

Have 2 to be felted projects underway, one really large adult size slipper finished and 1 med sized kids underway. Will alternate between the two until both are done. Knitting on 10.5 needles and my handspun means the projects go fast.

Pix on the header of my blog is just about exactly how it looks outside.

Fulled slippers

4 pair kids sized fulled slippers, knit from my handspun yarn. Was really happy at how thick & woolie they turned out. Motivated to do more.

On the needles right now gloves out of commercial fingering yarn, and a pair of thick socks from my handspun in a med kids size, thinking I'll do another couple of pair for the kids of the local electrician that has got my house propane heater working. Have enuff handspun to make dozens & dozens of pairs of socks, so before something bad happens to it might as well get it used up. Will even think about a pair of the fulled slippers in my size. Temps over next couple of days will be well down below 0° F, so may if I can get hold of Sam ask nicely if he would have time to look at propane stove in wool room.

Nothing else going on right now in this wild mountain valley.

SO to the bro in VA.

Cyber Monday yarn

The 7 skeins Cascade Heritage sock yarn from my Cyber Monday shopping. Bought it from Paradise Fibers in Spokane, need the colors for 3 pair of natural colors socks I'll be doing after the last 4 or 5 pairs of orders are finished.

Last Wednesday I left for town directly from Tatla Lake, had been out for knitting bee and planned if weather was good to head in. Roads bare 90% of trip, but then Thursday was hell, snowed hard all day, roads were a mess. I had a DR appointment for prescription refills Thursday at 10 am, then headed right over to get banking done and my haircut. Picked up gas, the meat for supper and made a quick run thru of SaveOn to pick up Rosemary ham and Brie for lunch. Quit at just after noon and headed back up to Denise's place, roads by then were really bad, was glad to get there safely. Friday Denise cleaned car off, got my stuff loaded and headed back to town, got groceries at SaveOn and headed for home. Even not buying all the stuff on my list I still had…

Snow & Travels

Will soon start the clearing off work, first to shovel the snow off back porch, then cleaning off the car, once its started will bring out stuff to load, library books, knitting, kindle (will be able to hook up to WiFi while in Tatla). Heading out for high tea celebration of life for Jen King, the closest thing we had to a real queen in this area.

Finished another pair of Monstersocks last night, the two different whites. Now will move onto a pair of gloves that will be going to Vanc Island when finished.

Will try and buy some salad stuff while in Tatla, not likely I'll have much choice believe I've read that the Graham Inn is closed so will check in at the store to see what they might have. If selection isn't to my liking will eat lots of raw veggies at the celebration of life lunch.

Another couple of new followers to my blog, welcome.

Saturday soup

Planning on chicken w/ rice and maybe 1/4 c quinoa, used 2 pieces chicken breast from freezer, the last of the carrots and celery, to make up enuff celery I used a cup of the dehydrated celery from SKirk, will easily have enuff for tonight, tomorrow and maybe even Mondays suppers. Never get tired of soup.

Found a medium sized ball of a creamy white and started on this sock, when time came to get the other full ball I knew I had in the stash found it to be snow white, so what to do. Did about 4 rows of alternating the two whites, not exactly what I had in mind, so will finish and add to my sock box. Pix doesn't show the color change nearly as much as real time. Oh well warm feet is the name of the game.

Snow for most of the morning, quit just after noon, not near what is normal for November, maybe a bit over an inch out there.