Socks & Yarn

Finished another pair of conservative wild & crazy socks, main color is a darkish teal and then used up more odds & sods (have long wondered if they are breeding, no matter how many I use the bag never gets smaller). Posted pix on Facebook and even had 'the' Lucy Neatby make a comment. Wowsers. She thought that they were her colors.

After reading the news and email I got to the spinning wheel just after 7 am, got in my 45 minutes with the turquoise-y merino-nylon mix, may even finish the first bobbin yet today. Then skeined from electric plying wheel some NZ Merino, 486 yards of sock weight 2 ply. Pix of roving and then the yarn.

Next will be to ply two bobbins of more merino freeing up the 2 Woolee Winder bobbins, they are what I am using for the turq, color is kind on a bright yellow-ish gold.


  1. Hope all is ok by you. Heard about a earthquake on the news. We have a storm coming soon and expect to lose power for a bit. Stay safe. Donna in NJ


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