Early morning

Coyotes talking around 5 am, with my bedroom window still open it sounded like they were right close. With quite a bit of stuff to do decided to get up and get at it. Laundry will be first on the list, getting clothes ready for upcoming Desert Mesa trip. Then once football games come on the telly (10 am) will continue working on the second glove. Have yarn ready for next pair of socks, will use a dark teal with lots of small balls of Opal, not quite the ones that make patterns just tweedy bits, will prolly do a diamond pattern inside the tweedy stuff with a solid color or so I am now thinking.

Wanted to do up a turkey breast for Thanksgiving (Monday) but decided against, not able to get it finished before I leave on Thursday and don't especially like leaving it in the fridge for the time I'll be away. So will plan on it for when I'm back. Mostly for the turkey noodle soup I'll do at the end.

Time to get out my long sleeve mock t necks, every morning all last week temps were in the minus areas with a couple cold enuff that I had to turn propane on in wool room, main house heater still needing someone to take a look at it and hopefully that will happen soon. Meanwhile my woolies sure are being used.

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  1. It was down to 25 degrees F this morning when I got up. But it is currently up to 46 degrees F. I finished another pair of socks late last night, cast on a new pair this morning. Need to make at least 3 more pair for Christmas gifts, finish a sweater & and shawl. Then decide on something for my dh and a sil. They may get something baked or cooked instead of knit or crochet, not sure. I did a turkey veggie soup yesterday. Cooked a turkey a while back and packaged it for the freezer. Still have a couple packages to use up. Have a good trip!

  2. You are so inspiring. When you do your Frankensocks, do you knit in your ends as you go or darn them in later? And was it you who knit gloves (I know it was) with different colors? Where can I see the pics again?

    Joan Hamer

  3. I am reading a book that always make me think of you.... It is called The Snow Child and is a lovely read, set in Alaska with lots of reference to bears and wild animals and snow of course. I am sure it will more real for you than me in mild SE England......

  4. I found you again!

    I haven't been able to visit since the dreaded flicker problems. I'm looking forward to being able to again.

    I'm glad you're doing well and still knitting monster socks.

    Where do you get you odds and ends for monster socks? Do you want donations?


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