Home from road trip

Down my driveway yesterday just after noon, and right behind L who was coming to pick up all the goodies I had brought her from states and Costco. Lucked out and found veggie market in Spences Bridge still open and with an abundance of real tomatoes, bought 23 lb for L and 26 lb for me, ripe on top of box and ripening underneath, shall be eating t-matters well into October and nothing could suit me better. So with 8 loaves squirrely bread, tomatoes, cheese and many more heavy things I let her take my car up to her place to unload, she is wheel less, still biking.

Stopped into Bed, Bath and Beyond on the way home, my first visit, oh my goodness. I will go back someday when I have half a day to look around. Went in for a refillable filter basket for a friends Keurig coffee maker. Now that we can bring back duty free $800 after being gone more than 48 hours sure was tempting to try and use it up, but not to be, with groceries I was just under $250. Next time. Next trip to US won't be until next April, traveling time now that winter is on the way is finished. Only other place I will go is to Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, BC in 2 weeks (almost local) on the way home from that trip will get my snow & ice tires installed and pick up winter stock of groceries and paper products.

Still working on my wild & crazy socks, orange. lime green, purple, red, turquoise and any others I can find. With last summers find of Cascade Heritage solid sock colored yarn in Spokane now have enuff until I can get back over there next June. And its really nice stuff.

Have already had several days in September in the low 20's average daytime highs now in mid 60's absolutely perfect weather, no mozzies or bugs but still keeping my eyes open for mama Griz with the 2 kids. Have seen her 3 times this year in my house yard.

When my old blog died (thanks to blogspot and flickr) I lost all my followers, had 140+ and 34 have since found me, wonder why everyone else went. Have tried to get new blog name out but must have missed several spots.


  1. Hi Lynne! I'm not an official follower but I read your old blog and found your new one pretty easily on Google. I love your colourful socks, and reading about life in your peaceful valley (we've also just retired from city life and moved to the country). Your Live Traffic Feed shows me as being in Toronto but I'm actually just outside of a small village north of Kingston ON (formerly lived in Ottawa). I really enjoy your blog!

  2. Lynne, I also read your old blog and found this one through a note you posted somewhere - not an official follower though. I enjoy reading about your knitting and spinning and travels. I'm in Montana so have to travel to shop for yarn or fiber as you do! So, take heart that you have more readers out there than show on your counter! Linda.
    Ravelry name MTknitter


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