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The Grizzly & her cubs

In the kitchen cleaning up after an early supper, saw the Griz walking along by the river, hot footed to wool room for camera and by the time I got back the cubs came rolling along. Got 3 pix but of them all only this one shows both cubs., turns out its the best. Then they headed for the fence and into Harris' hayfield and out of my sight. But trust me I will be ever vigilant again. Click on pix to make it larger.

So far Facebook voting on sock colors is running 11 for reversing the colors and 3 for keeping it the same.

17 colors

Just put sock pix on Facebook and asked for friends to vote on how to do the second sock, same colors in same order or to reverse the colors with bottom color on the top of #2.

Once second sock is done will start winding the Cascade Heritage yarn I bought at Paradise Fibers. Quite sure I can do one more pair of wild & crazies out of this and some other colors still floating around.

Mornings are feeling like fall is about to drop, mornings are cool enuff to have me back to wearing my wool socks. Feels really good after the way to hot summer I ran into here and more down in Eburg, WA.


Left Eburg Saturday morning, drove into BC mid afternoon, much cooler than Eburg that's fer sure. So much so that I shut off a/c and opened sun roof. Then left Langley, BC Monday morning for 'the Willie', picked up a few groceries and headed for the high country on Tuesday. Had stopped in Spences Bridge on way up and bought a small box of tomatoes, so with some salad greens pretty well had everything. Tomatoes on toast for breakfast this morning, perfect.

Finished (except for afterthought heel) the socks I have been calling the brown scrappers then promptly forgot my small knitting bag in Langley, so no pix of the scrappers. Also finished the blue wild & crazies, was pleased with how they came out.

This is the Cascade Heritage sock yarn I bought at Paradise Fibers in Spokane, almost wish I could have bought 2 or 3 of each color. But at least now know where I can get solid colored sock yarn in the future. Also have 8 more skeins in Oregon that I will pick up when I go d…

Paradise Fibers

Successful trip to Paradise Fibers in Spokane even if it was 100+°, got a bunch of solid colored sock yarns, some colors I haven't been able to find anywhere else. Cascade Heritage and at a very good price $12 for 100 g skeins. But man oh man was it hot over there. This ole lady ain't used to stuff like this. Will get pix of the yarn tomorrow. Instead of yarn pix decided to head north and the border today, pix prolly when I get home.

Finished the blue socks and instead of starting anything new went back to the brown scrappers I started in early July. Fist sock is done except for the afterthought heel, 2nd sock just down past contrast yarn for the AtH. Will finish them before I start anything with the new yarn, even tho that is going to be difficult.

In Eburg

In Ellensburg where its been far hotter than it was supposed to be, mid to upper 90's with 102° forecast for Saturday. Plans now are to go to Spokane on Friday then if temps cool just a bit I'll head for BC Sunday morning.

Fires just west of Eburg keep the news interesting, Cle Elum has been hit the hardest with well over 70 places burned, one friend Terry N had to evacuate yesterday with all the sheep & llamas & alpacas, haven't heard anything more, hope & pray that they are all OK.

Nearly finished with second blue sock, slow going with so much going on down here. Hoping to find a few solid colors in the Cascade Heritage sock yarn at Paradise, need purples, reds, turq and several denim blues.

Off to see the wizard

Heading out in the morning for a bit of a road trip, time to get out and get the stink blowed off as someone I knew used to say. Into Williams Lake tomorrow night and Sat then Sunday will head down to the wet coast. Monday back on the road again to Ellensburg, WA, maybe if its not to hot will go over to Spokane and Paradise Fibers. From there not sure where the road will take me.

Have clothes ready to go into suitcase, knitting ready (more knitting than clothes, whatta surprise), everything into the car in the morning.

Have second blue wild & crazy down to the 4th pattern in the leg, surely do enjoy using all the colors. Briefly thought about taking a spinning wheel but if its hot just one more thing to load and unload. So this trip will just be the knitting.......

Am hoping to find some real tomatoes on the way home, then if that happens will buy cottage cheese and think I'd died and gone to heaven.

Wild & Crazies

Got sucked into the Olly-o's but am now tired of hearing and seeing the 27th (or more) race of M Phelps, a couple of times would have been enuff for me, so today won't even turn TV on until 6 pm news. There are a lot of events that I am not fond of watching tennis, track events, athletics, but do enjoy the soccer, volleyball, diving and once in a while the water polo. But nothing today.

Did get Toni's wild & crazy socks done and got started on another pair, not quite the wild colors, more of what I should call conservative wild & crazies. Everyone wants to know what I do with all the ends, first off I strand the ends both coming & going, then when sock is finished I use a Revlon cuticle remover to shag each end, separate each ply and shag each, makes for a ruff end and once sock is washed they hopefully will disappear forever. I really do enjoy anything with what I call a color challenge.

Back into a few days of hotter than usual temps, low 90's is really …