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Current sock

Using a denim blue as main color and then lots of Kaffe Fassett colors and other bits for the patterns. Last row I just finished I used 3 colors, something I am not overly fond of doing but this time needed all 3 colors in the last 2 rounds. Doesn't show up in the pix but overall effect when sock is done will be just what I wanted. Once this pair is finished and the lime green arrives will get started on wild & crazy socks for Toni.

Got out to knitting bee yesterday arriving fashionably late and didn't stay to very long, for some strange reason I needed a nap when I got back home.

Up to 13 followers on the new blog, down from 140+ on old one, guess some will slowly drift back.

Watching crows in the yard flipping over last falls cow pats looking for something juicy to eat.

On my own

Lorelee went home after lunch yesterday, but not until she finished cleaning up behind wall mounted speakers and everything else close by. Bathroom, kitchen from top to bottom and living room are now in better shape than prolly ever before. Walls, windows, floors, cupboards everything is spotless and I will do my best to keep it this way. Likely would not have let her do all this except the surgery kind of slowed me down and she can run ever so much faster than I can. I was able to cook supper Monday night for us both and do the dishes afterwards, so over the final roadblock to being on my own. Surgery was just on the 14th so have come a long way in just over 2 weeks.

Picked up current sock just after sun came in house, saw that the last pattern I had done didn't show up even in the sun, colors were just to close to the main denim blue, so out came last dozen or so rows, was glad for the sun when it came time to pick up the stitches, only had one escape and soon got it back where …


Picked up current sock knitting last night and promptly removed needles, just didn't like the colors I was trying to use. Slept better last night knowing I didn't have to work on it anymore. Will stay with the denim blue for main color and will try for 3 different skeins of Kaffe Fassett colors that sorta go with the blue, maybe by and by a few of other colors.

Got to Tatla today and got stitches out so will be able to get a shower tonight. Glad we went when we did cause its sure looking black to the north just now, right where we would have been. Even paid a few bills via the phone in thingie, after we got home, punch in dozens of numbers and then 6 more choices and bingo its done. L even got car filled with gas while in Tatla just in case we have to go somewhere in a hurry.

Soon I hope L remembers to bring her camera cord to download pix of the helicopter sitting in my yard before the flat on my back ride into town, beautiful day and I couldn't see a thing.

Long time

Sorry for the long time in between posts. Ended up going to town on 12th via a medi evac, was in the hospital for 6 days after surgery for gall bladder removal with complications. Got out and was driven home last Friday the 18th and am coming right along. Still not as strong as I thought I would be but see improvement every day. Friend Lorelee stepped up to the plate and has been baby sitting this ole lady, including cleaning my house, almost from top to bottom, something I prolly wouldn't have gone along with if not for the surgery (she can move way faster than me). And doing all the cooking, in other words doing more than she should.

And wonders of wonders have even been able to knit a bit, the anesthesia fog seems to lift more each day. But haven't got brave enuff to try the spinning wheel just yet.

L will take to to the clinic today in my car to get stitches out then a much looked forward to shower.

This & That

Finished another pair of socks last evening, watched the 6 pm news and shagged all the inside bits, that took near as long as making most of the sock, must remember to use fewer bits (yeah right as if that is ever gonna happen). Then later started another pair of denim blues, only got maybe 5 rows of the top ribbing done before it was time to hit the hay.

Pix from the Williams Lake spin in, long line of spinning wheels and checking out skills at pix taking.

Appointment Friday to see surgeon, will just be a consultation this time, will have to make another trip if he thinks gall bladder removal is necessary, oh well at least I'll get to stock up on more produce and fruit. L will go in with me, and can drive home if I am to tired or feeling punk.

Got in my 45 minutes at the spinning wheel already this morning, thought I would just sample the merino and then spin it for the Tour de Fleece, NOT gonna happen, just kept right on with it. So will have to find something else for the TdF.


Home from trip into town for the Williams Lake spin in, good day, great salad based lunch and didn't end up buying anything. Also spent a good bit of Friday getting in things like oil change and car wash, visit with DR (he wants me to call surgeon tomorrow about possible gall bladder surgery) then up to Denise's to crash. Was in grocery store as soon as they opened on Sunday got a bunch of produce for me as well as L, left town 9:45 down my driveway just before 1pm.

Neighbor Les H was just in on his quad and told me mama grizzly is back with what he thinks is last year cub, so far I haven't seen her but he has had the pair in this field and has seen them on my side of the river eating sedge grass. So high bear alert season is in gear again.

Think I'll wait and unpack spinning wheel and suitcase tomorrow.


Yesterday morning Tatlayoko was the coldest spot in BC (some might have been colder but they don't have weather stations). -4.2 at the weather station here and -5 at my place up the road from weather station about 4 miles. Had xplornet technician in yesterday to install new dish and relocate Star Choice dish, xplornet dish will be redundant in early fall when new bird gets put into orbit, but then they told us that last year when a new bird was deployed only to find out service only came to Alexis Creek, about 90 miles east of here. Not the easiest people to deal with that's for sure.

This morning up early to get stuff into car for town trip, can't leave until a bit after 7 so I can be at Redstone when gas bar opens, then have DR appointment at 11, various other errands and up to Denise's place to crash. Williams Lake Spinning Day is tomorrow, have wheel already in the car, so just small stuff left to go in. Taking the variegated green Merino in with me to spin, have a…

this and that

Just saw first black bear of 2012 season, likely a boar, judging by the size, at 8am.

The mixed greens merino is coming out better than I thought, was a bit compacted so if I strip off a finger sized piece and predraft it comes out exactly the way I had hoped it would.

But what I am really looking forward to are socks for Toni on Vancouver Island, she wants wild & crazy, just the kind of knitting I most love to do. 2 skeins bright lime green on the way and will add almost all the wild colors I own. Will finish the current pair using the black Opal first, 2nd sock nearly to the heel.

Lorelee rode her bike up here yesterday, was a bit more that she thought so I let her take the car home, but first added a big load of stuff to go to the dump, many months of flyers from the paper (why did I save them), several empty boxes various sizes, and what ever else was looking like trash. Will stop at the dump on the way to the knitting bee tomorrow. Back room looks 100% better.