Soup redo

Yesterdays soup making was interrupted by a 4 hour power outage, so stuck barely simmered soup bone in fridge and when I got it out this morning was more fat on top than I was happy with leaving. So skimmed 99% off and then what to do with it, not planning on a dump run till Wednesday at the earliest. Meanwhile a couple of big crows were in the yard looking for bugs (can one hope they eat ticks), so took fat out and with a large spatula flipped it into the yard, it barely landed before they were there packing it away. I went out to check an hour later and even knowing where it had been couldn't see any sign. Won't be able to do this once the bears are out and about, smell might make them curious and that would be to close to the house.

Have another bobbin of the BFL/Silk mix done, will put it aside while I try for spinning some Merino into a fingering weight 2 ply, still want to give the gloves another shot. This is a green mix from Cindie at eweniquelyewe in Grants Pass, OR. I think it will be perfect for the gloves.


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