Pix again

Brown monstersocks. Wasn't happy at first with the colors I had chosen but now admit socks grew on me as I got down to foot of first sock. If by the time I get to the heel and I really don't like the mix have been known to frog the whole shooting match.

My mountains on a clear sunny day about 30 miles east of Tatla Lake. Click-edy on pix and it will be a bit bigger

Still hoping FlickrZeros can resolve my old blog issues, will sure be unhappy to lose all the years and pix.


  1. oh those are great socks! love the color combo.

  2. Oooh, I like these socks! Not sure I have ever seen you do any in brown. Lovely!

  3. i LOVE those socks, but then again I love ALL the socks you make. So glad you are Ok, hope all the old pics get back soon


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