More socks

Using black Opal and more of the leftover Regia FastKoffe bits, will try and keep the black patterns constant thru out the 2nd sock but because of using scraps the colors will bounce around, and that's OK real Monstersocks.
Hasn't been much going on worth writing about, still trying to bring old blog back, although am now fearing that it is kind of like beating my head up against the brick wall. Woke up to heavy snow Saturday morning, enuff that ground was white and big trees on hillside where loaded with wet snow, by about noon turned to a nice gentle rain and in just an hour or two snow was gone. Now all snow from my yard is gone, first time since mid October that I can say that. Betting tho that we will get more snow before this winter quits. Going to Tatla later today to see if I can't get Kindle Fire to talk to my downloaded books. Have a friend there that will help with the problem, may even turn her loose on blog problem.


  1. sooo beautiful, Some day I want to try making monster socks, for right now I just stay with one yarn for entire sock. But you inspire me to try. Donna In NJ

  2. The socks are magnificent! Did you get my e-mail re: knitting a pair for
    my granddaughter? Celia O.


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