Getting ready

As soon as I finish my 2nd cup of coffee will start getting stuff packed and then to the car, clothes, socks are all clean (and dry) and since I'll only be gone for 4 days a very small carry on tote thing is all I'll need. Have spinning wheel already in the car and the BFL-Silk mix I bought at Whidbey for spinning, so won't be much to haul out. Goodies for Gudie will be a bigger bag than what I am taking. Lots of leftovers, bits of this & that that she up cycles. Am taking a bag of unknown wide roving that I am not fond of and will put a 'make me an offer' price on same. Went to Knitting Bee in Tatla yesterday, L rode out with me and we stopped at the dump on the way, got rid of lots of stuff, flyers that come with the newspaper, empty water bottle packaging (bottles I take back to town) and just general trash. I used to be able to burn all paper garbage but the burning ban is already in place. Another couple of days and my yard should be snow free, really looking forward to that. Leaving snow tires on the car until after this trip is over, hiways recommends that snow tires or chains should be available until April 30 on roads in my part of BC, since I don't have chains will just leave snow tires on until I go into Williams Lake on May 5th, shouldn't be much chance of snow by then (I hope). Current FastKoffee socks are well past heel (on 2nd sock), with any luck should finish them either today or tomorrow once I get to Cache Creek. Then on the to do list is a black Opal with all the odds & sods of the Kaffe Fassett colors, will be true Monstersocks.


  1. Sooo glad I found you again! Knew you were having problems, and I kept hunting. Thankyou!
    Martha from Kansas


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