None in my yard anymore and even green grass showing up, and if we got some rain everything would jump. Lots of catkins on poplar trees may even have new leaves show up sometime this week, that is the best colour green ever.

Andrea's socks moving right along, have turned heel and down into first pattern on the foot of the second sock. Will be ever so glad to finally finish them.

Heading into town on Friday for the Williams Lake spin in on Saturday, have several things to do on Friday banking, summer haircut, picking up prescription refills, and finally getting winter tires off the car (about 4 weeks late because of ever lingering snow squalls), think finally we might be done with such.Also will plan on stopping at Staples to look for a new mouse for laptop, current model (old) no longer scrolls in either direction.

Took ice pick off my cane, put ice cleats off my winter boots away until next October, even moved heavy winter jacket into storage for the summer.

Nice enuff at 12°C (53F) that I have windows in house and wool room open, first time since early October last year.


  1. Whoo Hoo - so glad spring is on the way up in your neck of the woods. Bet it's been a long winter.

  2. It must be nice to see that spring has finally arrived! The socks are beautiful, and it doesn't look like you have far to go before they are finished.

  3. Sounds like Spring, for sure. Will see you Saturday at the Spin In.


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