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I've been giving some of my handspun leftovers to Christine at our knitting bee's, she so far has made a sweater and two vests. This has happened over maybe a two year period. Latest vest. Glad to see the leftovers used and appreciated.
 Two or three days now without any new snow, still enuff out there tho that I won't see bare ground until maybe mid April. Has been one of the tougher winters since I've been living here. Last two years might have gotten 2 feet total of snow this year first big dump was over three feet and then a thaw and then more snow and so on. Its made it almost impossible for me to get to town (Williams Lake hit even harder snow wise), tuff walking on snow covered parking lots using a cane. So have just done without. Sahnte & John went in on the 26th and bought me several things I've been out of since before Christmas, especially one of the favourite 3 Korn Rye bread. Now if roads stay dry and ice free I am entertaining the thought of making a trip later this week, if I do go will take a friend with so she can push the second buggy, will be that big an order. Looking forward to chicken again in freezer have missed my chicken with rice soups.

Am actually making progress on Andrea's socks, should get onto the heel yet today and then will push as hard as hand allows to get sock #1 done. Have one more pair ordered and then am going to take a break from socks that have been ordered and maybe just play around with some Monstersocks etc.


  1. I don't envy your snow but I do envy 3 Korn Rye bread. Alas, I am in Texas, USA. I guess I could try to make it. Sigh. Hope you get no more snow and get to see bare ground soon.

  2. I hope your giant, two-buggy shopping trip comes to pass. Also hope your freezer is large enough for all of that chicken. Have a safe trip.

  3. Yeah, I dunno what I'd do without my chicken either!! Maybe if you make a suggestion, they'll put some in your 'box' for you. Good luck with your trek to town!!

  4. And that's a mighty nice looking vest your friend is wearing too.

  5. Hope you are able to do that big shopping run soon! I'm glad you found a home for some of your "extra" handspun--that vest is so colorful, it reminds me of your Monstersocks. Please post more regularly, even to say "Still lots of snow, but I had chicken soup...."


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