Snow comes and goes

Got a little bit over an inch of snow last night and now sun is shining and its in low 30's F snow is melting fast.  Usually means it slides off the car and melts on the porch, so far haven't had to clean car off yet this year (am sure that will change). Plan on going out for KB on Thursday and will have blood checked for INR (been almost a month).

Latest socks moving right along, first sock is finished with all ends worked in, second sock is still in the ribbing stage. The pix does not show true colors. Likely second sock will be fraternal, same colors but in different places. After this pair is finished will work on the pair for Andrea.


 Then down on road and likely over the holidays will give this bear pattern a shot. Have long wanted to try the bear and now that I've found the pattern looking forward to seeing if my knitting is up to it. Can't get pix to load. But it is the Arne & Carlos bear made with the Regia sock yarns. The new book from Arne & Carlos due out early in the new year, have already pre ordered it.

Baked another large butternut squash, had pieces for two meals then last night turned remaining into soup, just squash and chicken stock and about a 1/4 t ginger, so good and glad I have enuff left for tonight as well.

I think I even OD on football over the weekend, started with Thursday and 3 pro games, then college on Friday and Saturday, more pro on Sunday (by then was just watching select games), then last nights pro, changed at about half time to watch The National. 

And if I never heard the words 'Black Friday' again would suit me just fine, Cyber Monday a close second. Followed by the hokey Christmas movies, think I even saw 'Santa vs Godzilla'. Just crap thrown together to try and make a buck or two.


  1. Glad the snow hasn't set in yet. Checked out the Arne and Carlos Regia bear--so cute! I discovered that someone had used the pattern to make a "spacemouse" based on her son's drawings.

    Hope the doctor visit goes well, and keep posting pics! Have you done much spinning lately?

  2. Oh Yeah, I'm with you on the Black/Cyber crap!! You can't even watch the NEWS lately because there are so many interruptions! And it seems like every 5 minutes after 9 PM this last week they ran the same new Vikings promo clip!! The series doesn't even air on the channel I was trying to watch either . . . I am so glad I have TWO Public TV channels to go to. Good luck with your Bear.

  3. Haven't seen any posts for a while. Hope you are doing well and happily knitting and spinning!


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