Major Washout

About 25 km west of Williams Lake, wonder where all the water came from. Glad I hadn't planned on going to town anytime soon. Think it will take a large amount of fill to fix this mess. According to Dept. of Highways its just over 500 feet wide. Click on pix to make it larger.

Finished a pair of socks just needing the afterthought heels added, started working on them the end of November last year, prolly have been sitting since around Christmas just needing the heels. Really no excuse for not doing it sooner. Also nearly down to toe decreases on Kristie's first sock.

I sorta bet my stash that sooner or later would have grizzlies in my yard, last night just before 10 pm saw movement over to the east of my fence, sure enuff Mom and 2 of last years cubs ambled along the fence heading for the swampy areas (aka stump patch). Any pix taking would have just shown darker shapes up again dark bushes.

Got my bed changed yesterday, every Sunday rip sh** or bust. Still using flannel sheets and big winter down comforter. Think so far there has been one night that I used a lightweight fleece blanket. And official summer starts tomorrow night. So far Tatlako has been the coldest spot in BC 3 mornings in June. The price we pay for the mountain view.

Most of my leftover stash from other socks etc.


  1. Whoa! Amazing no one was killed in that landslide! Hope everyone your side can wait until they get a temporary bridge up. BTW, love those socks!

  2. That landslide is huge! Hopefully they get it dealt with quickly, but to be honest it looks like it's going to be a major job fixing it. The monster socks are great!


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