Have been working on little socks and slowly at that. Arthritis in left hand means I do a little bit here and there, nothing like cranking out a sock a day (adult sizes). However am grateful that I can knit even if its slower.

And for some strange reason (different movements) spinning doesn't seem to bother my hands so spin now as much as I knit, which of course means handspun yarn is piling up on me, terrible position to be in. Finished the first bobbin of a vintage green blend from Reflection Farms from ahem more than a few years ago next will be a slightly different batch from same place, they will I think be plied together somewhere down the road. 2nd bag has more blues than 1st bag had.

Am still having to go to Tatla for INR blood work, not every week but at least 3 times a month, still hasn't stabilized after more than a year of taking the Warfarin. But not complaining cause its helping keep me alive. Now that most of the valley's snow is gone the roads are muddy but much prefer that to the icy stuff from a couple of weeks ago. And according to Environment Canada's weather page due for much colder weather the end of this week with coldest being -21°C (6 below zero F).

Hope soon to be able to get back to town to pick up new glasses and of course more groceries (produce especially), will soon be 3 weeks and for some strange reason I tend to eat produce rather quickly. And will renew drivers license on same trip.


  1. Beautiful sock knitting and love the bobbin of greens! I have arthritis between the disks on my lower back plus one hip, some days are better than others so do what I can on the good days, the weather had been great here and the ice had pretty well disappeared thank-goodness but got a dump of wet snow last night so we are white again. Take care!

  2. That's interesting that the knitting bothers you, but not the spinning. Do you ever notice the weather makes a difference in how your hands are feeling? And I've heard some people say their arthritis flares up with weather changes. Is there an alternate medicine they could give you that would make it easier to keep your blood levels stabilized?

  3. I had to be on warfarin after my knee surgery. Eating a consistent amount of greens everyday was one of the things they suggested. Certain greens affected the blood work. It's been a while now, but you might want to look into it with your love of salads. :)

  4. Glad you keep your hands moving, to avoid "rusting in place", like Oz's Tin Man.

  5. Love that pinky-purple sock! What a *terrible* burden it must be to have large bags of roving disappear and beautiful handspun start backing up.

  6. I'm sorry to hear about the arthritis problem. Can anything be done to alleviate the problem?
    My husband was on Warfarin for years and going to the doctor to get the dosage checked was a pain - not a physical pain,just inconvenient. Now he has stopped the Warfarin and takes an aspirin instead.


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